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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey!

Treatment Room Before

Treatment Room After

An Idea Is Born

Starting in 2019, Burt and Kimberly started to think about purchasing a veterinary clinic or land to build on with in Grangeville.  The towns 2 veterinarians were retiring so it was the perfect opportunity.  It was quite the process of finding a property that would work.  Our ideas went from a small little 900 sq. ft. building to a 4040 sq. ft. building.  Then we enlisted the advice of two smart business men.  They recommended going with the larger building as it had more land for even bigger ideas.  So we made our choice and chose the larger facility with land.  The journey started!  Tolo Veterinary Clinic was born.

We started by tearing up all the carpet and thousands of staples!  Burt and Kim tried to use as much local talent as possible to build the facility.  Local contractor "Schwartz Contracting" and his staff helped by adding a few walls, Jason Wisdom-plumbing, Quality Heating and Air, Betties Floors, Ace Hardware- Paint, Pacific Cabinets.   All told 100 pieces of sheet rock, 14 sinks, flooring and then cabinets.  In between all this we both worked at our existing jobs to keep afloat.  Burt used wood and tin from the local Fenn Grainery to build beautiful sliding doors, seats, trim and many small touches to create an old yet modern barn style look.

Progress and Growth of Tolo Veterinary Clinic

We worked so hard and had everything all coming together.  The new equipment was arriving and it was looking like a veterinary clinic.  Now we needed to hire staff to help us run the clinic. Dr. Wolfrum was fortunate to find talented individuals that helped us set up our practice management software and got Tolo Veterinary Clinic off to a grand start.  Some individuals have come and gone, but we are very grateful for what they did to help us get Tolo off the ground.  Since then we have continued developing a great group of team members that keep Tolo running smoothly.

Our big goal now is to hire another full-time Veterinarian.  Having this individual in place is key to Tolo Veterinary Clinic growing to the next level.  Time will tell, but for now we continue to marvel at the process and look to tomorrow for more adventure on this amazing journey of growing an amazing veterinary facility for the wonderful people of Idaho County.