Tolo Veterinary Clinic

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Dr. Kimberly Wolfrum, DVM 

Tolo Veterinary Clinic, owned and operated by Dr. Kimberly Wolfrum, DVM, Class 1999 WSU.

Dr. Wolfrum and her husband Burt bought the land and buildings that are now Tolo Veterinary Clinic in 2020.   She and her husband Burt have lived and worked in Grangeville since October 2000.  They have 4 children.  

Burt and Kim are very proud of the Tolo Veterinary Clinic (TVC) and they are happy and excited to be supporting Grangeville and the surrounding communities by offering a modern and progressive veterinary facility for the care of your pets, equines, exotic pets and small livestock.   

Student Vet Assistant Certification Program

Dr. Wolfrum mentored 3 students from Grangeville Highschool and helped them gain certification.

Aliyah Pineda went on to get several levels of certification.

Kaleb Frei and Baeli Kinsley also completed the first level. 

Best Veterinarian

in 2021 and 2022

Where Dr. Wolfrum earned her degrees:


Animal Science-1992

What our customers are​ saying

Over the years Dr. Wolfrum has cared for my horses and dogs above and beyond what was ever expected. I cannot thank her enough for making a huge investment into this community and building a modern, state of art animal clinic. Thank you Dr. Kim and the entire Tolo staff for the long hours of hard work that you all put into bringing us a much needed service to our little town.

I am so grateful for Dr. Kimberly Wolfrum! I first met her when she came to my home. I had a diabetic 5 year old Rottweiler named Georgia.  She was not regulating well and was suffering terribly.  So the day came when I chose to put her down.  It was the hardest day! I had never experienced this before. I know we showed her mercy and did the right thing but the feelings I experienced were still so difficult. I was totally heartbroken!  Dr. Wolfrum was so calm and nurturing! She is an angel!  Thank you Dr. Wolfrum for everything!​