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Our in-house imaging boasts radiology and ultrasound machines for advanced imaging.


Radiology is crucial to help our doctors understand what’s going on inside your pet’s body.

  • Digital X-rays use a low, safe dose of radiation to see inside your pet’s body.

At Tolo Veterinary Clinic our doctors may recommend X-rays be used to diagnose a foreign body, intestinal blockage, bladder stones, fractures, bone deformities or disorders, tumors, and the number of puppies or kittens in a pregnant pet (important to know in case one gets stuck and needs help getting out!) The size and shape of internal organs can also help to diagnose certain diseases.

  • Digital images can be emailed to specialists for expert opinions regarding the findings and treatment.

Your pet may or may not have to be sedated for an x-ray; this depends on the area being targeted, and whether your pet is able to lay still.


Ultrasound scans allow us to more easily distinguish soft tissue masses from foreign bodies or fluid - a task we might find challenging or impossible to accomplish with a digital x-ray.

  • The sound waves the ultrasound generates are not harmful or painful to your pet.