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Wellness Exam

What should I expect?

Think of your pet's wellness exam like your own yearly physical or your vehicles inspection by your mechanic.

  • Physical Examination -- weigh the pet, listen to the heart and lungs, take its temperature, inspect the eyes, ears, teeth, nails, skin, fur, feathers or scales. Gently the belly area is felt with our hands to evaluate areas in side your pet.
  • Diagnostic Testing may be suggested based on the exam or simply the pets age for early detection of problems and treatment.
  • Recommendations for Vaccinations are guided by duration of immunity studies. Then based on risk factors such as the pets age, where you live and exposure factors like climate, grooming, boarding and travel.
  • Parasite Prevention guidance will be discussed to protect your pet from diseases that can be transmitted by fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and heartworms.

The team will answer any Questions you may have and discuss other services that could improve the pets overall health.